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Interview Mistakes

Are you preparing for an interview or wondering why you are not being more successful in some of the interviews you have had?

Perhaps you are making some basic mistakes without even knowing it. There are some common mistakes that job applicants make which are all to do with body language. In a survey of more than 2,000 interviewers, 33% said that they "knew" whether they would offer someone the job within 90 seconds of meeting them. Therefore, before they have had much to say, some candidates may have paved the way for a great interview, or blown their chances before they even think they have got started. 

Here is a visual to show the common mistakes:

Our Advice?

At Rock we work with our candidates where needed to help them to improve on physical presence and making a good impression. Even if you feel nervous, it is crucial to make eye contact, stand up straight and smile. This will make you look confident and capable, whatever type of role you are applying for. If you have done your homework, and know about the role and the company, this should build your confidence and our consultants will help you to have a good understanding of this prior to your interview. 

First impressions

First impressions are determined by the way you are dressed and the way that you walk through the door. Several companies speak to their receptionists to see what impression a candidates made on them when they arrived and if they were able to chat to them. Remember to try to make a good impression with everyone that you meet!

Only 7% of our communication, even during an interview, is determined by the actual words that we say. So, try to focus less on "answering a question correctly" and more on the tone of your voice, using correct grammar and showing confidence. 

If you need help... ask us

We're here to help and we want you to be successful! If you are unsure about anything or need some interview practice, it would be our pleasure to help. 

1. We are fair, legal and ethical in our resource planning and recruitment procedures, with
specific regard to actively promoting diversity and inclusion within the workplace.
2. We exercise good recruitment practice and apply this equally to temporary, contract, fixed
term, zero hours and part-time workers.
3. We deliver a high standard of candidate experience, with ongoing communication during the
recruitment process, including two-way feedback for all those interviewed.
4. We offer flexible working arrangements and adaptive working practices, wherever possible,
as a way of boosting inclusion and attracting talent.
5. We ask that those managing and delivering the recruitment process (whether internal staff
or external providers) work to recognised standards, undertake any relevant training/qualification,
and commit to continuous development.
6. We ask that our external recruitment providers are signed up to industry codes of practice and
demonstrate a commitment to good recruitment practice.
7. Our supply chain delivers good recruitment practice throughout, including where
different resourcing models, such as recruitment process outsourcing or vendor
arrangements, are in place.
8. We help to address youth employment through our recruitment procedures;
for example, through the provision of apprenticeships and traineeships,
and by working with recruitment organisations who have signed up to
the REC’s Youth Employment Charter.
9. We regularly review our recruitment procedures with feedback from
candidates (those appointed and not appointed) and keep up-to-date
with new recruitment/resourcing approaches.